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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Android Programming From Scratch Course For Beginners By Udemy

Welcome To Android Programming Course

In This Course, You Will Be Taught The Basics Of Android Programming. The Course Consists Of Five Main Sections As Follows:

First Section:

In This Section, You Learn How To Download And Install The Necessary Programming Tools For Android. Then, We Teach How To Develop A Simple Android Application And Run It On An Emulator And Android Real Device. Once This Stage Is Complete, You Learn How To Create An Ask File And Prepare It For Uploading In Google Play. When You Generally Learned How To Develop And Distribute Android Apps, It Is Time To Simply Learn Details Of Android Programming In A Stepwise Manner. This Is Done In The Other Four Sections.

Second Section:

Here, You Learn The Basics Of Java Programming. Data Types And Variables, Mathematical Operators, Relational, And Logical Operators, And Conditional Statements And Methods Are The Prerequisites Of Java. Every Android Pamper Is Required To Be Expert In Java.

Third Section:

This Section Is Dedicated To Train Views. Views Are The Components Of Every Android App, Frequently Seen In Various Apps. In This Section, You Learn About Edit text And Text views.

Fourth Section:

In This Section, You Learn View group. View groups Are Used for the Layout of Views. Relative And Linear Are Two Views, Taught In This Section. Two Other Concepts (Padding & Margin) Are Also Taught In This Section.

Fifth Section:

In This Section, You Learn How To Add A New Activity To The App, Open An Activity Through Another One, Send Value From One Activity To Another And Open Web Browser And Phone Dialer.

Note That This Course Enables You To Start Building Android Apps With No Programming Knowledge.

What Are The Requirements?
  • A PC Or MAC Machine With Minimum 4GB RAM
What Am I Going To Get From This Course?
  • You Will Learn How To Build Android Applications From The Very Beginning
  • Run Android Applications Using An Emulator Or A Real Android Device.
  • You Will Learn Basics Of Java For Android Development
  • You Will Learn How To Prepare Android Apps To Publish On Google Play
What Is The Target Audience?
  • Anyone Who Wants To Learn Android Programming As Easy As Possible

Udemy Online Training With Certification Link :-


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