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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Wanna Cry Ransomware Worldwide Attack By Britec09

Wanna Cry Ransomware Worldwide Attack By Britec09.

This Ransomware Has Gone Global; It's Hit The NHS In The UK. Why? Because They Are Running Windows XP Which Has No Support For Security Patches, This Global Cyber Attack Which Has Crippled The Health Services In The UK. Once Wannacry Ransomware Is On The System It Will Encrypt The Data On That Computer In The Background. Then The Cyber Criminals Who Created Wannacry Ransomware Will Start Demanding Payment to Regain Access to Vital Medical Records. $600 Of Untraceable Bit coins Is the Demand to Release Your Data. This Could Be The Biggest Ransomware Attack In History Which Has Spread To Over 100 Countries.

Update for XP & Win 8

Disable SMBv1 (not SMBv2 or v3)

It's Sad To Think That Over 90 Per Cent Of NHS Computers And Equipment In The UK Are Still Using Windows XP Which Is A 16-Year-Old Operating System That Has No Support From Microsoft. Windows XP Is Vulnerable To These Type Of Attacks Which Can Leave NHS Computer Systems At Risk In The Future. They Need To Upgrade Their Hardware To Stay Protected And Have A Proper Backup System In Place Where The Data Is Stored Away From The Computers That They Are Using.

Here Is How Wannacry Ransomware (Wanacrypt Ransomware) Spread So Quick :-

Microsoft Issued A Patch To Fix This Flaw Back In March 2017, But Organizations Like The NHS Running Older And Unsupported Versions Of Windows Such As Windows XP Were Unable To Apply The Update Because Microsoft No Longer Supplies Security Patches For Those Versions Of Windows.

There Is No Way To Decrypt Data Yet.

Why Oh Why Are the NHS Still Running Windows XP?
  • Never Pay The Ransom Fee.
  • Backup, Backup, Backup
  • Keep Windows System Updated With Latest Updates And Security Patches. 
  • Rollout Windows Operating System Updates
  • Don't Click On Attachments From People You Don't Know.
  • Don't Open Links In Email
  • Use Common Sense


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