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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Drums for Beginners By Udemy

This Course Aims To Equip You With The Fundamentals Of Playing The Drum Kit. You Will Be Introduced To The Basic Rhythms And Grooves Of The Drum Kit. As We Progress, We Will Teach You Different Drum Beat Permutations And Patterns. We Will Also Discuss How These Beats And Rhythms Can Fit Into Different Songs.

We Will Be Providing Detailed Video Lessons With Numerous Practical Examples For You To Apply Your New Found Knowledge In. All These Will Help You Develop Good Fundamental Skills In Playing The Drum Kit. By The End Of This Course, You Will Be Able To Play A Wide Variety Of Pop And Rock Songs.

What Are The Requirements?
  • Have Access To A Drum Kit

What Get From This Course?
  • Feel Comfortable With Basic Backbeats
  • Feel Comfortable With Any Bass Drum 8th Note Permutations
  • Play The Drum Kit With Better Hand Speed And Coordination
  • Come Up With Ways To Create Musical Variations Between Sections Of Music

What Is The Target Audience?
  • Beginners Who Would Like To Learn How To Play The Drums
  • People Who Want To Get Back Into Playing Drums

Udemy Online Training With Certification Link :-

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